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[1527] Abus Bike Lock VISUALLY Decoded!!! (Model 410C)
[1526] Open in Seconds: FJM’s Tubular Disc Padlock
[1525] Creative Mechanism Needs Creative Picking…
[1524] A Literal Security Hole! (Jin Hao Combination Bike Lock)
[1523] Hornady “Rapid Safe” Keypad Lockbox
[1522] Hotel Function Lock Cylinders
[1521] Decoding Master Combination Padlock (Model 1178)
[1520] Getting Into A Woman’s Kitty
[1519] “Pick Proof” Tough Guard Padlock… Picked FAST
[1518] $189 “Smart” Lock Opened in Seconds (WaferLock C210)
[1517] 5 Year Update: TriMax Round Body Padlock
[1515] This Eufy Smart Lock May Frustrate You (Model E110)
[1514] Schlage’s “100% Pick-Proof” Smart Lock (LOL)
[1513] SunLite Bike U-Lock Picked
[1512] Sterling “Gas Pump Lock” Picked
[1511] What Were They Thinking?!? Yale Bicentric Bypass
[1510] Decoded Fast! New Combination Bike U-Lock (NBYT)
[1509] Worse Than I Thought: Brinks Mini U-Bar Lock
[1508] 1 Second Open: SoHoMiLL Keypad Knob
[1507] Revised Master M176—New Open Method!
[1506] 2 Second Open: Mamba Vault Fingerprint Gun Safe
[1505] MojoBox SLAPPED Open!!!
[1504] Unusual Adjustable Shackle Padlock (GoldenLionFox)
[1503] Police Handcuffs: Flawed, But Good Enough
[1502] All Show, No Go… Vintage Kryptonite V-Twin Lock
[1501] Design Flaw In Fitnate “Smart” Doorknob
[1500] Picking My Most Expensive Lock

Download LockPickingLawyer Tools Template, make your own and sell them. Images from Covert Instruments - covertinstruments.com (Covert Companion Turning Tools - Lock Picks - Bypass Tools.
Lock Picking Tools - All - Components - Template
Lock Picking Tools - Full - Expansion - Template
Lock Picking Tools - Standard - Template
Lock Picking Tools - Standard - w - Turning - Tools - n - Bypass - Template
Lock Picking Tools - Standard - w - Turning - Tools - Template

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The LockPickingLawyer is a YouTuber known for picking various locks on camera on his channel of the same name. This channel aims to educate consumers about weaknesses and defects in security devices so they can make better security decisions.

Is LockPickingLawyer actually a lawyer?

The LockPickingLawyer was a lawyer based in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, but has since retired from law to focus on security. He works with lock manufacturers to improve the security of their devices. He also sells the tools he uses.

What happened to the LockPickingLawyer?

Yes, the Lock Picking Lawyer retired as a lawyer in 2021 after 15 years as a business litigator based in the Washington DC area. This is how he originally came up with the name the LockPickingLawyer. So while he was a lawyer when he started his YouTube channel he is not a lawyer anymore.
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